Redefining Risk Management

Our ecosystem streamlines each link in the loss control chain

Each of our solutions were originally crafted to solve our biggest pain-points as underwriters

The typical risk management process involves endless email chains with multiple vendors who outsource every part of their operation which results in low productivity, reputation risk, and inaccurate data.


This leads to the underwriters being left in the dark which ultimately damages the carrier, the agent and the policyholder.


Digital tools are helpful but you still need a human to deliver the full picture, this is the toughest problem to solve.


SpotRisk was formed by an underwriter, an inspection manager and a software developer who saw a better way of doing things.


We believe that vertical integration is the key to improving underwriting efficiency, customer experience and profitability.

Our mission is to transform the risk management industry by improving every step from start to finish.

Risk Management from A-Z

Our vertically integrated platform automates the toughest parts in the loss control process.

The SpotRisk Ecosystem

Loss Control Training

SpotRisk’s private-label software reduces friction and streamlines the loss control process by automating the onboarding and training process for inspectors.

Loss Control Academy

We’ve developed a video training program with over 30 courses, quizzes and modules to educate inspectors on modern underwriting standards.

Recruit Inspectors

Our recruiting, onboarding and training portal also gives you access to a pool of qualified inspectors to streamline your staffing process.

Safety Programs

SpotRisk is using our private-label software with video training content to allow carriers to deliver their insureds with workplace safety programs.

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Risk management shouldn't be an afterthought

Gain clarity and save time so you can focus on the big picture.

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