Embedded Risk Management for Insurers

Connect with your policyholders to improve underwriting decisions.

Risk Management from A-Z

Our private-label platform streamlines the toughest parts in the loss control process.

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Database tools are helpful but don’t deliver the full picture.


SpotRisk was formed by a loss control director and a software developer who saw a better way of doing things. Vertical integration is the key to improving underwriting efficiency, customer experience and profitability.


The typical risk management process involves endless email chains with multiple vendors who outsource every part of their operation which results in low productivity, reputation risk, and inaccurate underwriting data.


Connecting directly with the insured to help them develop a culture of safety improves the policyholder experience, improves loss ratios, reduces premium leakage and boosts the brand of the carrier by being seen as a helpful partner.

Reduce premium leakage.

Gain clarity and save time so you can focus on the big picture.

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The SpotRisk Process

Step 1: Automated Onboarding

Upon binding a new policy the insured automatically receives an email inviting them to login to their risk management portal which is populated with content according to their class-code.

Step 2: Policyholder Education

The insured receives employee safety training courses composed of short video modules along with written safety program and a document library tailored to their line of business.

Step 3: Exposure Verification

A variety of self-inspection surveys, exposure questionnaires along with virtual premium audit forms are delivered to the policyholder and tailored specifically to their business operations.

Step 4: Holistic Risk Management

SpotRisk helps the policyholder build a culture of safety while further improving underwriting by analyzing usage data and tracking the policyholder’s exposures as they change over time.

Risk management shouldn't be an afterthought.

Our tools help your insureds develop a safety culture.

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The SpotRisk Platform

Safety Programs

The policyholder receives a document library tailored to their line of business with safety programs, toolbox talks and OSHA guidelines.

Video Modules

The insureds get a portal to invite their employees for automatic enrollment into video based safety-training courses according to their class code.

Policyholder Experience

SpotRisk helps position the carrier as a proactive partner who is trying to keep their policyholders safe by teaching them how to prevent claims.


Everything is private-labeled so all of the videos, software and content use your branding to position you as a full-service carrier.

Exposure Verification

Various information is gathered throughout the policy lifecycle enable comparison against the insureds application to confirm exposures.

Data Driven

Everything is handled automagically and all of the usage information is tracked which enables the carrier to analyze their risks at a deeper level.

Elevate your underwriting process.

Give your policyholders the full service experience.

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    Our mission is to transform the risk management industry by focusing on improving the policyholder experience.