The SpotRisk Vision

Our mission is to transform the risk management industry by improving every step from start to finish.

“Improving & automating each part of the loss control process leads to smarter underwriting decisions.”

We built our suite of products to solve our toughest challenges


Our custom software was designed with underwriters in mind by improving upon existing standards to provide our clients with an in-house loss control experience and reduce headaches.


Underwriters are busy people and an endless email chain slows you down while leading to reputation risk. Stay in the loop and gain clarity by having all your risks in one spot with SpotRisk.


We authored the best video training program in the loss control industry to improve our onboarding process and have recently opened it up for the general public to use.


The hardest part in operating a loss control department today is managing the staffing of qualified inspectors. We’ve automated the recruiting, onboarding, training and verification process.

“Businesses suffer from reputation damage by not being connected in the process as the field representatives are the only human interaction the policyholder ever experiences with the insurance company.”

Loss control shouldn't be an afterthought

Vertical integration is the key for improving your underwriting efficiency and customer experience.

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